WP Accessibility Day: Call for Speakers and Sponsors!

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The WordPress Accessibility Day is coming back for round two of their live 24 hour event focused on WordPress Accessibility!!  The event is happening November 2-3, 2022, and is hosted online for anyone and everyone to join.  

If you’re not fully caught up on details of WordPress Accessibility Day, it was founded in 2020 by the WP Core Accessibility Team, and is a presentation of many topics regarding WP Accessibility from people all around the globe.  You can check out the full 24 hours of recorded talks from the 2020 event on YouTube here to get an idea of what the event is going to be like. 

Just yesterday they officially opened the call for speakers.  If you or your organization have some awesome information to share with the world for the event, this is a great way to get involved.  

Some of the topics presented on in the past include:

  • SEO & Web Accessibility: Partners for a Better Internet
  • Creating Accessible Content with WordPress
  • Gutenberg Accessibility: A Screen Reader’s User Perspective
  • Much Ado about Captioning Videos for WordPress & Beyond
  • Accessible Navigation from Scratch
  • Profitability of Accessibility
  • … and so many more!!

This year’s event is being led by Joe Dolson and Amber Hinds, and organized and coordinated by a worldwide group of volunteers.  Their goal is to “enhance the collective knowledge of accessibility for all WordPressers and provide advice and tools that will allow more and more accessible WordPress websites to be created (or remediated).”


There are many ways to get involved with WordPress Accessibility Day without speaking as well; they have opportunities for sponsors as well as volunteers.  Even though November seems like a long way away in this summer heat – we all know it’s really just around the corner, so join their email list and make a plan to get involved today.

If you’re wanting to supercharge your knowledge on Web Accessibility and how it relates to WordPress specifically,  well there’s certainly no better opportunity than this, so register now and put it on your calendar so you don’t forget!

Stay tuned to MasterWP for more to come on WordPress Accessibility Day next week!

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