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We welcome submissions from everyone in the WordPress community – and we pay for every published article! Typical contributions are 500-1,500 words, on topics of interest in the WordPress community or among WordPress designers or developers. We pay $400 per completed and published article.

Want to send us a pitch?

E-mail [email protected], and include a bit about you, links to your portfolio or LinkedIn or other web presence, and the pitch for your 500-1,500 word post.

All contributions must be unique, never published elsewhere, and exclusive to MasterWP.

What types of articles are ideal for MasterWP?

We are open to any and all pitches – so far, the ones we’ve found to be most successful are posts that expand upon an ongoing community conversation, offer an alternative perspective on a previous article, or cover recent WordPress news in a way that adds the author’s unique opinion and expertise. Here are some examples:

What types of articles won’t we publish?

We are not looking for simple how-to articles or anything that is solely focused on SEO or “robotic” content marketing. (There are plenty of WordPress sites out there written for robots… ours is written for humans!) Your article should provide some unique personal perspective that makes it fun and interesting for readers. Your writing should benefit from your personality and experience. This means it should be more than just “here’s the latest news” or “here’s how to do a common WordPress task.”

What’s the submission deadline, format and word count?

We recommend sharing your article with us via Google Docs after we’ve approved your pitch. For publication in our Wednesday newsletter, we ask that you provide us with a complete submission by Monday at 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

Articles should generally be between 500 and 1,500 words.

How much do contributors get paid?

You’ll be paid $400 USD per approved and published article. We usually make payments via PayPal.

What about SEO?

Your article will include a bio with a link back to your site at the end of your post. Within your article, all your links should be natural and in appropriate context – it should be written for a human, not a robot. Your article shouldn’t be solely about promoting your business, but we encourage you to write about things that are adjacent to your area of business expertise. Generally speaking, we consider MasterWP a magazine, not an SEO site. We do not include affiliate links in any articles, and our sponsorships are all clearly labeled and separate from editorial content.

Can I talk about MasterWP sponsors or employees?

Yes – you’re free to say whatever you want (within reasonable bounds of fairness and healthy debate), including disagreeing with MasterWP employees and discussing companies that sponsor MasterWP. We think free expression and healthy debate are a cornerstone of any great publication or community. We encourage rebuttals to previous articles and will generally publish those with very light editing to ensure your point of view is intact.

Questions? Shoot us an email at [email protected].

MasterWP contains no affiliate links. We’re entirely funded by the sponsors highlighted on each article. In addition to MasterWP, we own EveryAlt, WP Wallet, Understrap and Howard Development & Consulting.