WordCamp Europe 2024 Needs Organizers!

WordCamp Conference

WordCamp Europe 2024 has announced its location next year in Turin/Torino Italy! The planning stages have already started and the call for organizers is out! You can apply here to be considered for an organizing position.

The Teams

The organizers work in teams to cover various areas of work, ensuring a well-rounded and successful event. In the past, they have had twelve teams that focused on Attendees Services, Budget, Contributing, Communications, Community Events, Content, Design, Local, Photography, Public Relations, Sales & Sponsors, and Volunteers. However, since they constantly strive to improve and adapt, the teams for WCEU 2024 will be decided based on the applications received.

Who Can Apply

There is no specific framework for what makes a good organizer. The leads believe in leveraging each other’s skills and passions to build a strong team. Whether you have experience in event planning, community engagement, design, communication, or any other relevant field, they want to hear from you. Showcase your skills, experience, and how you envision yourself contributing to the team.

Important Dates

As they have stated, organizing a WordCamp is an amazing experience, but it is by no means easy. The team will begin planning WordCamp Europe in September 2023, with weekly or bi-weekly meetings leading up to the event in June 2024. It is essential that you are comfortable working in a distributed team and can commit to dedicating your time on a weekly basis.

The Questions of Inclusion

WCEU has come under fire about diversity and inclusion among its organizers and speakers. Calls for inclusion have not been just about one race, gender, or faith – but for more visible representation as a whole. As a result, a few of the WCEU 2023 leads have reached out to others in the community, myself included, to see what they can do differently. 

Critics that are saying that people in the community want more representation just as affirmative action additions are not genuine. Saying that these people don’t exist as well is not only preposterous but also not true. With the number of underrepresented folks around the world who do WordPress, the idea that the color of their skin or gender makes them unworthy to participate in a conference is laughable – but also sends a dangerous message to people in the community. 

Many members of the WCEU team understand this and want your help. Organizing is the first step in stopping those who may mock or criticize the efforts of inclusion for all.

Help make WCEU 2024 one for the books

Join the team on this exciting journey to create a remarkable WordCamp Europe 2024. Sometimes you have to be the change you want to see. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the WordPress community.

Apply now and be a part of something extraordinary. Let’s shape the future of WordCamp Europe 2024 together!

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