WordPress turns 20 this year! Check out the celebrations!

WordPress turns 20 this year! Find out about all the things you can do to celebrate.

Wappu holding a balloon with 20 on it and a birthday hat


On May 27th, 2023, the WordPress community all over the world will celebrate the 20th anniversary of WordPress! You can start participating by using the hashtag #WP20 on social media. The celebrations range from projects to merch. Meetup.com is also a great place to start preparing.

Get your swag!

Starting in April if you host a WordPress meetup you can order kits with official anniversary swag. The kit includes stickers, buttons, and pencils. The kits are free and are shipped at no charge as well. If you desire more items, there are also things such as shirts, hoodies, keychains, and more. Those can be purchased through the official WordPress store. If you want more personalized merch, Jones Soda allows people to create commemorative swag for WP20. This is by way of designing soda bottles. You can upload your own design and customize your label. You can then finish it up with WP20’s official logo and have them sent. If interested, you can design and order your bottles at their website

Celebrating with block art

The Museum of Block Art (MOBA) is also celebrating 20 years of WordPress by calling for block art themed on 20 years of WordPress. We had the pleasure of speaking with one of the creators of MOBA, Anne McCarthy last year and we are excited to see the new art that will be featured. The inspiration for the blocks can either come from the 20th-anniversary logos or the default themes throughout the years. If you would like more information on how to design and submit your blocks for consideration you can learn more on the block museum’s official website

20 years of WordPress Rhythms

20 years of WordPress Jazz, where a playlist of 46 tracks on Spotify has been created. These celebrate the past themes that were named after famous jazz musicians. There is one song for each of the 46 jazz artists that have been used to represent WordPress releases. 

A Spotify playlist with a 20 Anniversary logo and text that reads #WP20: 20 years of WordPress Jazz  Celebrate the 20th anniversary of WordPress by exploring this collection of 46 tracks. From Miles Davis to Mikhail "Misha" Alper...  Julia Rose

Commemorative Art

Finally, there is plenty of commemorative art to download for free for WordPress’ birthday. You can download a commemorative Wapuu that shows Wappu holding a balloon with 20 on it and a birthday hat! Along with Wapuu, there are many different 20th-anniversary logos that you can download for free and use. This is not a final list of art or even events that are going on, but it is enough to get the planning started right now!

Wappu holding a balloon with 20 on it and a birthday hat
Designed by Emalina “Ema” DeRosia
6 different WordPress 20th Anniversary logos.

Are you excited about #WP20? Do you have anything exciting planned? Let us know!

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