WordPress Introduces the All-New Developer Blog

The WordPress Hub is the latest project focused on making WordPress news, content, and tutorials more easily accessible.

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Many newsletters, blogs, and about a million podcasts revolve around the WordPress project, but what about documentation? Tutorials? Learning? That part of WordPress has always gotten a bad reputation. However, there are many in the community that seek to change that. The WordPress Developer Blog has been launched as a developer-centric platform to keep you updated on the most recent software features, tutorials, and educational resources related to the WordPress project.

Chloe Bringmann, a contributor on multiple WordPress teams, did an excellent write-up on the new project. This blog is the result of a collaborative effort that started last year, initiated by seasoned WordPress community members and developers. The editorial group has been working on a diverse array of content, ranging from tutorials on theme and block development to insights on making the most of WordPress in the site editing age.

A Shared Space for Developers

Documentation isn’t a favorite topic in the WordPress community. There has been rightful criticism of deciphering and understanding documentation. This new development may be a step in the right direction to fixing that.   Designed to complement the existing WordPress documentation, the Developer blog is a platform for staying informed about development-related news, participating in ongoing discussions, brainstorming, and discovering innovative use cases. In this sense, getting more conversations started around documentation and updates will lead to more developers being more informed and possibly even contributing to the documentation itself. 

Embracing the open-source spirit, the blog will continuously evolve. As editors and readers create and learn more content, the blog will adapt to meet the requirements of community members like you. Take that ChatGPT!

Content Overview

The WordPress Developer blog covers a wide range of topics, including tutorials on theme development, plugins, and block development. Readers can also find articles on WordPress APIs, best practices for working with WordPress, updates on forthcoming releases, and educational resources for both novices and experienced developers. Some examples of the articles already there are:

Demystifying home and posts templates in WordPress theme development

Creating themes from a pattern-first mindset

Static vs. dynamic blocks: What’s the difference?

Creating custom block styles in WordPress themes

What’s new for developers? (March 2023)

I think this is a great step toward not only making learning in the WordPress community easier, but also at getting more people to contribute. Please subscribe to the Developer Blog to stay current with the newest content in the realm of WordPress development.

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Nyasha is the Editorial Director at MasterWP and a software developer at Howard Development & Consulting, the company behind WP Wallet.

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