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Twitter gets a bad rap because of the negative ways in which it's used but in my opinion that's because people just aren't using it right. Especially in the WordPress community.

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Ah Twitter! It gets a lot of negative press. One can understand since it is commonly used as a place to air out grievances with very little nuance. However, I think that what gets lost in those angry cries are the wonderful things that Twitter does for the world and for our community. Twitter has been the source of finding affordable and amazing education, successful job searches, and starting meaningful friendships. Twitter has also been a great source of finding out more about WordPress. I want to use my platform to share that positive with others as well. These are the best accounts to follow on Twitter if you want to keep up with WordPress.

Courtney Robertson (@courtneyr_dev)

Courtney is a teacher, trainer, and WordPress expert.  Her account is a great combination of where to go if you need WordPress training, WordPress jobs, and encouragement in the space.  She also has the latest up-to-date news on events, training, and ways to contribute to WordPress. Courtney also has a good balance of real-life tweets that remind us that work isn’t everything.  You can be a powerhouse in the space like she is and still have time to relax with your family.  

The featured image says Courtney Robertson and the text after follows as:  Courtney Robertson 🌻
Web Design Dev Advocate 
, WP Training Team co-rep Frm: #WordPress teacher 
 bootcamp  🥑 🎻 👩🏻‍🌾 👩🏻‍🏫 💻
Chambersburg, PA
May 12 Joined May 2007
Courtney Robertson

Josepha Haden Chomphosy (@JosephaHaden)

Josepha Haden Chomphosy is the executive director of WordPress and a big advocate for WordPress community building. Josepha also releases updates and clarifications on things in the community through WordPress news podcasts to ensure clarity and a complete breakdown of frequently asked questions.   Josepha has no problem addressing questions and concerns in the community even going directly to people to have one on one chats on how things are working or could be changed.  An important and amazing testament to what great leadership looks like in my opinion.  Follow her for updates on what’s new, or ways to contribute. 

The background image says Shine On and the following text on the profile is as follows:  Josepha Haden Chomphosy
@JosephaHaden  Digital literacy advocate. Community builder. WordPress Executive Director. I'm bad at writing recipes, great at cooking the food. 🇱🇦
Josepha Haden Chomphosy


Ebonie Butler (@metalandcoffee_)

Ebonie is not only one of the coolest people I’ve ever met but also an extraordinary coder and educator. Ebonie is a natural at different conferences and chats at explaining WordPress, being a developer in the community, and working toward building your own projects.  Her website, has links to her various social media accounts, ways to contact her, and her GitHub as well.  Her commitment to music, code, and learning is amazing in many ways and makes her worthy of a follow.

The featured image has a skull and cassette tape, the words say metal & coffee.  The following text on the profile is as follows:  Metal & Coffee (Ebonie)
Follows you
Senior Software Engineer 
 | Metal DJ on 
 | Gamer on 
 | ebonie@metalandcoffee.com
Born August 27
Ebonie Butler

Daniel Schutzsmith (@schutzsmith)

Daniel has an amazing history of working for some pretty cool/interesting companies. Combine that with his knowledge of WordPress and advocacy and it makes for the ultimate Twitter account.  Daniel doesn’t just believe in organizing, he does it.  With a lengthy resume in WordCamp organizing Daniel is a pleasant voice in the community for building, expansion, and learning.  Daniel is also hilarious.  His artwork, memes, and WordPress knowledge make him a fun account to follow.

Daniel Schutzsmith
Husband/Dad 💕 Web Dev/Design Manager #GovTech #WordPress  #WCUS Organizer  #NoCode  #ADHD  #NPTech  Previous: 
 (he/him) Est. 1978
Web Design Agency
Pinellas County, Floridadaniel.schutzsmith.com
Joined March 2007
Daniel Schutzsmith

Brian Gardner (@bgardner)

Brian is a Principal developer advocate at WP Engine and does a lot of community relations work.  His way of educating and reaching out is so approachable it makes one feel better about having questions.  He also shares and updates the community on all things WP Engine and modern WordPress development. He is also one of my favorite people to look to for taking criticism in the WordPress community.  Brian is a very big advocate for the future of WordPress and is not ignorant of the pushback that the changes in WordPress get from time to time. Brian takes this all in stride and reminds us that nothing is set in stone. WordPress has been constantly changing since its conception and while nothing is perfect, Brian reminds us that things can always get better as long as we keep at it. 

Brian Gardner
Designer. #WordPress expert. Taylor Swift fan.
Principal Developer Advocate at 
Joined March 2007
Brian Gardner


But wait you didn’t get my favorite!

That’s ok! Another reason why I wanted to highlight these wonderful people is that I wanted to get the conversation started on more awesome people in the space. I cannot possibly follow all of them right now as we have some really incredible voices that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet. So take some time out of your day and give these people a follow if you already haven’t and make sure to send me your favorites as well. Let’s get the community talking and working together.

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