WordPress 6.1 Is Coming!

WordPress 6.1, Gutenberg 14.1 and improving the navigation block

6.1 is coming with Mark Ruffalo's thanos in the background, a reference to thanos is coming from Avengers Infinity War

The WordPress team has announced that they have started planning for WordPress 6.1, which is currently scheduled to be released on October 25. Matias Ventura also released a roadmap last month for what is to come.

What’s cooking?

A proposed schedule and call for contributors were announced last week. Héctor Prieto writes that it will be the 3rd major release of 2022 and will include Gutenberg 14.1, the 11th release.

A table which has the title: Proposed WordPress 6.1 Schedule  And information:  Milestone	Date Alpha (trunk open for 6.1 release)	May 3, 2022 Beta 1 & Feature Freeze	September 20, 2022 Beta 2	September 27, 2022 Release Candidate 1	October 4, 2022 Release Candidate 2	October 11, 2022 Release Candidate 3	October 18, 2022 Dry Run	October 24, 2022 WordPress 6.1 General release	October 25, 2022
Proposed WordPress 6.1 Schedule

Matt Mullenweg is listed as Release Lead, however, there are positions that are still open. As of today, the following roles have not yet been announced:

  1. Release Coordinator
  2. Core Tech Lead
  3. Editor Tech Lead
  4. Core Triage Lead
  5. Editor Triage Lead
  6. Documentation Lead
  7. Marketing & Communications Lead
  8. Test Lead
  9. Design Lead

If you are interested in becoming one of the members of the release team, WordPress core has a very detailed write-up on what the release team is, the positions, and how you can join here.

Shared Responsibilities These are tasks and responsibilities that may be documented for specific roles below but can be taken on by anyone throughout the release cycle. * Communicating publicly as much as possible (on tickets, in component chats, Make/Core posts, etc.) * Identifying blockers to progress and asking for help from buddies, team leads, and/or the Release Lead * Being mindful of deadlines * Identifying changes that require documentation, HelpHub articles, or communication to the community at large (through dev notes, marketing, etc.) * Leading bug scrubs focused on your team’s tickets and tasks * Facilitating and participating in inter-team discussions
Example of Shared Responsibilities on the team


In addition, WordPress Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy discussed in an episode of WP Briefing the changes that are coming in 6.1 and how you can get involved in this major release update if you haven’t already! She also stresses that you do not have to know how to code to help! WordPress needs help with design, training, support, and translations as well! You can listen and read the transcript here.

She also talks about how it has only been a month since the last release, and the gears are already in motion for the next.

WordPress Never sleeps better slip you a ambien  A reference to Jay-Z's lyrics in the song Empire State of mind that goes "The city never sleeps better slip you an ambien."
In WordPresssss concrete block editor where dreams are made offfffff! There’s nothing you can’t do!

Are you ready to see what WordPress does next? Well, you won’t have to wait long!

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