WordCamp Montclair needs speakers!

WordCamp Montclair is set to happen June 24, 2023! Apply to speak, sponsor, and attend!

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WordCamp Montclair is taking place this year on June 24th, 2023, in Montclair, NJ. Last year our very own colleague Teron was able to attend, and write about how much of an impact it had on him. We were very moved by the positivity Teron experienced and are pleased to announce that WordCamp Montclair is currently looking for speakers for their 2023 event. 

How to Apply to speak

According to the WordCamp Montclair website, your session can include a presentation with or without slides, a hands-on workshop, or a demonstration of a tool or workflow/something else. Also, if you have multiple session ideas, you can submit them separately. (A max of 3). The formats are 30-minute talks with an additional 10-minute Q&A or a 30-minute panel of up to 3 people.

How to apply to speak
Please use the submission form below to send your proposal. Your session can include a:  presentation with or without slides
hands-on workshop
demonstration of a tool or workflow, or something else
If you have multiple session ideas, please submit each one separately, and limit yourself to three proposals, maximum. Sessions will fall into one of the following formats:  30-minute talks with an additional 10-minute Q&A.
30-minute panels of up to 3 people (not including emcee).
The deadline to submit your proposal(s) is Friday, March 31, 2023, at 11:59 PM EDT.

Talk Topics

The sessions should be relevant to WordPress but that also means that there is a wide array of things to talk about. Also, WordCamp Montclair is looking for a mix of talks that appeal to people at all levels of WordPress. Beginners to experts, developers, theme builders, plugin creators, and more. A few suggested talk topics: Design, Development, Content Creation, Remote Working, managing/Growing your WordPress business, Giving Back to the WordPress Community, and more!

If you don’t want to speak but know someone who would be a great candidate, you can also nominate them to speak using this form here. Please include the speaker’s name, talk topic, and contact information.

Encouraging new or reluctant speakers  Do you know a speaker you would like to hear?
If you would like to nominate someone to speak, get in touch with us via our contact form. Please submit the speaker’s name, talk topic, and contact information.  Want to talk through your idea before submitting a talk?
Tempted to submit a speaker application but not quite sure of your talk title and description? Let us know via our contact form. We’ll happily make arrangements to discuss.

Are you as excited about WordCamp Montclair as we are?! Apply to speakbecome a sponsor, or buy a ticket and attend! We can’t wait to see you there!

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