Travel Grants for WordCamp US 2023

Our travel grants are back and better than ever. Learn how to apply for a grant or contribute as a company.

A group of diverse people

We’re thrilled to announce our 2023 travel grant program for people from underrepresented groups applying to speak at WordCamp US 2023, taking place August 24-26 in National Harbor, just outside Washington, D.C.

The grants are open to people who are volunteering as organizers, as well as to speakers.

WordCamp Speaker Applications are Open: Apply by May 26
(Your speaker application is separate from your grant application)

For Companies Who Want to Help…

For Potential Speakers Who Want to Apply for a Grant…

Our WCUS Travel Grant Partners…

Companies: Contribute to the Grant Program

MasterWP is partnering with our friends in the tech industry to provide a grant of at least $1,000 per speaker or organizer to help increase the diversity of the speaker slate at WordCamp US 2023. You can learn about the success of our 2022 initiative, read about why we believe compensating speakers is critical to the success of the event or listen to a discussion on the importance of paying event speakers on the Press the Issue podcast.

As a company grant partner, you’ll contribute $1,000 and receive your logo on all of our future articles, communication and promotions related to WordCamp US. (Our newsletter reaches 40,000 WordPress professionals!) 100% of funds will go directly to the grant recipient (you’ll pay the credit card fee on your side when you make the payment). For tax purposes, this is not a charitable donation, but you may be able to consider it an advertising expense.

Please note that we are an independent entity and not associated with WordCamp or WordPress. We do not have any control over the speaker selection process. WordCamp and WordPress say they do not have plans to pay speakers, so we’re organizing this independent approach instead.

We believe in radical financial transparency and, upon request, will provide you with financial records showing that your contribution was used to fund a travel grant.

Please join us in supporting diversity at WordCamp by adding your company as a grant partner today.

WCUS 2022 Travel Grant Success Stories…

“Returned home last night. Catching up today. THANK YOU VERY MUCH is not enough words for one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thank you again. I’m still in Cloud 210!!”

“I will start with saying, I am still deeply thankful for this opportunity. I’ve had ideas of wanting to attend a WordCamp and meetup so this being my first WC AND presenting, priceless experience. Again, thank you. I will remain a broken record for the appreciation. Thanks!”

“I would like to start off by thanking you for such an awesome program you are running. This sponsorship will help so many attend a WordCamp. It will be tough to swing the trip without your help. San Diego is not a cheap city and with the cost of transportation constantly on the rise, it has made things tough for me financially.”

Potential Speakers and Organizers: Here’s How to Get Your Grant

Want to speak or organize at WordCamp US 2023, but worried about the cost? You’re eligible to apply for a travel grant of $1,000+ per person if…

  • You identify as a member of an underrepresented group, including but not limited to women, people of color and people with disabilities, and…
  • Your employer does not pay for travel to WordCamp US 2023. (If you’re self-employed or a small business owner, you are eligible!)
  • You are a speaker or organizer at the event

Speaker applications for WCUS 2023 are open now, and we want to give you the certainty that you’ll be able to afford travel to the event so that you can focus on writing an amazing speaker application when the time comes.

If accepted as a speaker or organizer, you’ll receive at least $1,000 as a grant. We recommend using this to pay for your travel, but you get the money up front rather than waiting for reimbursements. Please note that we are an independent entity, are not associated with WordCamp or WordPress, and have no control over the speaker selection process.

Your participation in the program is entirely private, excluding our employees who need to be aware of your information to provide payments. You’re welcome to, but not required to, discuss your grant publicly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t speakers get paid?

Good question! We have repeatedly asked The WordPress Foundation, its WordCamp-related subsidiary, and its leaders to pay speakers because we believe this will increase the diversity of the speaker slate by allowing more people to apply to speak. So far, the leader of the organization says that it is not possible to pay people, so we’re independently funding speaker travel grants.

How are payments handled?

MasterWP’s parent company, Howard Development & Consulting, LLC, handles all payments and tax forms. Grant recipients with a US bank account will receive the grant money via direct deposit. We will work with recipients to help them understand if they will have any tax liability on the grant (generally speaking, they will not, but each case is unique).

What happens if we end up with extra money?

That would be a good problem to have! We will either increase the grant per person or use the money for a grant for a future event.

Are you affiliated with WordPress or WordCamp?


Is this program compatible with Support Inclusion in Tech?

Yes. We are one of the partners providing travel payments via Support Inclusion in Tech, so if you apply there, the organization may connect you with MasterWP.

More Questions?

E-mail us at [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.

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