The North American Open Source Summit is coming up soon!

From May 10th to May 12th, 2023 experience Open Source in a major way at Open Source Summit North America!

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The Linux Foundation’s North American Open Source Summit will be from May 10th to May 12 in Vancouver, Canada. Open Source Summit, in their own words, is the premier event for open source developers, technologists, and community leaders to collaborate, share information, solve problems, and gain knowledge, furthering open source innovation and ensuring a sustainable open source ecosystem. It is the gathering place for open-source code and community contributors. In attendance will be developers, members of operations, community leaders, students, and more. The conference will also be held virtually for free for those who cannot make the trip to Vancouver. 

Why should you attend?

At MasterWP we love our conferences. Whether they are our beloved WordCamps or local networking events for newbies. Conferences are the best way to network, find job opportunities, learn more about the latest technology, and feel good about the work you’re doing. Open Source is one of those communities where you can’t go wrong by continuing to learn and meet new people. You could find the answer to questions you’ve been pondering over in your career or code. Or you may have the answers for someone else.

How to register

If you are attending in person, the tickets do cost. The amount you pay depends on your role as many different people get a discount. Academics (this includes students) pay the least for their ticket at $99 while the highest in-person tickets are $1,249. If that is too expensive for you, no matter what your background is, you can attend virtually online for free. That cuts out the ticket, transportation, and lodging while you enjoy it from the comfort of your device. You can sign up for in person or virtual tickets here

Cool add-on activities

This conference will be massive and in addition to the packed schedule of speakers and workshops, there are amazing side events. There is a Women & Non-binary in Open Source lunch, a kid’s day where children 9 – 18 will attend a workshop that helps them design an app or game, A Better Together Diversity Luncheon for underrepresented folks and allies, and a host of other after conference activities. All of the add-on activities are complimentary and offer refreshments as well. The activities not only seek to provide entertainment for attendees but enriching experiences to help one grow as well. 

North America’s Open Source Summit is set to be an incredible event! If you can attend, I highly recommend participating virtually or in person. The amount of exposure, education, and fun that will be gained from this is priceless. Don’t forget to register here if you are interested and have an amazing time!

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