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WordCamp Masaka, WordCamp Iloilo City, and WordCamp Katmandu are three WordCamps of many that need your support! Learn more about these amazing events.


With WordCamp Europe 2023 now over and WordCamp US 2023 around the corner, it’s safe to say the WordPress community is going to be very busy. We all know that flagship WordCamps are important but smaller ones are just as important. A wide variety of issues can lead to the members global WordPress community being unable to attend one of the major conferences. Issues with visas, transportation, and lodging costs just to name a few. For these reasons, it is very important that we support smaller WordCamps around the globe. Here are a few coming up that can use your support.

WordCamp Masaka – Masaka City, Uganda, Africa

As an organizer of a smaller WordPress meetup group, there is nothing more exciting to me than launching (or reviving) a meetup/camp. This is why I’m so excited for the organizers and attendees of one of WordPress’ newest WordCamps. WordCamp Masaka’s inaugural event will be held this year. The two-day event is slated for October 6-7, 2023 at Equator University of Science and Technology, Masaka City, Uganda. WordCamp Masaka 2023 promises hands-on workshops, talks, and discussions on a wide array of subjects such as Full Site Editing, SEO, Security for WordPress, and Contributing to WordPress. WordCamp Masaka is still looking for speakers, volunteers, and sponsors for those who are interested!

WordCamp Iloilo City – Iloilo City, Philippines, Asia

Next up is WordCamp Iloilo City, scheduled for July 8, 2023, at the Iloilo Convention Center in Iloilo City, Philippines. Being a central hub for WordPress enthusiasts from Iloilo and neighboring provinces, this event also hosts KidsCamps in conjunction, a platform designed for young WordPress enthusiasts. Many in the community have stressed the importance of getting more youth into WordPress and KidsCamp events are a great way. With the added charm of networking with professionals and users, collaborating with kindred spirits, and boosting your WordPress skills, this event promises a rich cultural and community experience that no WordPress user should miss. Also, I love that Iloilo is called “City of Love.”

WordCamp Katmandu – Katmandu, Nepal, Asia

Last but not least, let’s head to Nepal for WordCamp Kathmandu 2023. Scheduled for September 8-9, 2023, at the Alice Receptions venue hall, it is a gathering for WordPress enthusiasts of all levels. The first day is Contributor Day, which gives you the chance to give back to WordPress, regardless of your experience or skills. The second day, the conference day, offers sessions on a broad range of topics, providing invaluable content for beginners and experts alike. This camp is an inspiring assembly of tech enthusiasts and WordPress aficionados, and their shared wisdom can only serve to propel your growth in the WordPress sphere.


The role of sponsors in these events cannot be overstated. Sponsorships are crucial in maintaining the quality of the WordCamp experience that we all have come to know and appreciate. They ensure that WordCamps remain accessible and cost-effective for all, irrespective of geographical and economic backgrounds. While sponsorships at the flagship camps can be a pretty penny, smaller camps generally offer lower cost options to support.

Your sponsorship will not only support their unique camps but will also directly contribute to the growth and diversity of the global WordPress community. It is a golden opportunity to showcase your brand to an audience that is passionate, dedicated, and engaged. So, let’s join hands and wallets to help these camps grow larger and larger. Our goal is to see WordPress represented everywhere but the world can’t do it without our help!

Support Support Support!

These smaller WordCamps provide an intimate setting to learn, network, and grow in the WordPress community. They give us a chance to tackle issues we may encounter with WordPress and enable us to leverage this incredible platform to its full potential. More importantly, they keep the WordPress community vibrant and inclusive, regardless of location or economic factors. Let’s extend our support to these emerging WordCamps, for in their success, we find our own.

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