An interview with Olivia Bisset on WordPress and wp19!

Olivia Bisset is the founder of LemonadeCode and MustHacks Jr! She is also an advocate for youth in WordPress, Technology, and STEM!

Olivia Bisset

WordPress is celebrating 19 years this week! May 27th, 2022 marks the 19th anniversary of the first WordPress release. I had the pleasure of speaking with the awesome Olivia Bisset to hear her thoughts and work on wp19 and the WordPress community.

Nyasha: “What were the best things about planning wp19 day?  What are some of the more challenging things?”

Olivia: “Some of the best things about planning wp19 day is being able to reach out and see all the different views of people inside of the WordPress Community and to hear their stories about how WordPress and the community has changed their lives for the better

Some challenging parts for me include making sure our Twitter and our website are up to date so people can see all the different faces and quotes of the WordPress community.”

Nyasha: “Do you have any goals for wp19 day?”

Olivia: “Personally, a goal of mine is to make sure people are able to celebrate WordPress, the community, and all of the progress that has been made over the past 19 years wherever they are. I feel like this is well deserved by every member of the community, especially after the rough two years we’ve all had.”

Nyasha: “If you have learned new things, what do you hope to do with those things going forward?”

Olivia: “In the future, I hope to be running my own events such as Hackathons for middle school students as well as running WordPress community projects and the skills I have (and will have) learned would help me to better promote these events to different people in the WordPress and Computer Science Education community as a whole.”

Nyasha: “What is your opinion on how we can get more new developers into WordPress?”

Olivia: “One of the things that I hope won’t change about WordPress is the new editor, Gutenberg. I feel like it is a good step into introducing WordPress into the next generation vs. the classic editor. I also hope that the uplifting vibe of the community doesn’t change. The community is always helping out one another whether it is in person or virtually!

One thing I would change is…. Nothing! 🙂 “

wp19 day is May 27th, 2022, more information is available here for the celebrations that are going on.

Follow Olivia on Twitter here: @lemonadecode

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