It’s about damn time. What the WP Community Collective means for the WordPress community

WordPress has a new non profit that aims to help the community grow and communicate better.

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The WP Community Collective (WPCC) is a new WordPress nonprofit organization.  It seeks to provide fellowships to WordPress community members that financially support their contributions to the WordPress project and community and more. The WPCC lists its operating principles as clear and direct communication, transparency in goals and operations, and positive and proactive action. The founding members include Sé Reed, Katie Adams Farrell, and Courtney Robertson.  There are also many ways to become a member of the organization.

Why this is excellent news

I have written controversially extensively about different issues in the WordPress and tech communities: the financial hardship certain members face, underrepresentation, and the lack of communication.  We have also instituted some cool programs to lead by example on what we thought were some of these issues.  So trust me when I say, this news is a breath of fresh air!

The home page of the WPCC shows clearly defined goals.

The WP Community Collective provides Fellowships to community members to financially support their contributions to the WordPress project and community.
We aim to identify areas where the community is underrepresented or contribution is needed and support WordPress community members with paid contribution in those areas. Learn more about WPCC Fellowships.
The WP Community Collective provides financial, operational, and promotional support to Projects that benefit the WordPress community as a whole.
We aim to support well-defined initiatives that help the WordPress community grow, including those focused on accessibility, education, and compatibility. Learn more about WPCC Projects.
> The WP Community Collective creates and supports space to discuss the issues of governance, leadership, and community within the WordPress ecosystem.
We aim to facilitate discussion and ideation of WordPress development and community issues. While decision-making will always happen within the official WordPress project structure, we aim to provide context and connection to help the community collaborate.

Fellowships seek to help underrepresentation in the community and fund more contributions toward the project. This initiative is key in making the community more diverse and giving more underrepresented groups a voice.

Well-defined initiatives/projects help the community grow in the areas of accessibility, education, and compatibility. There is a special focus on accessibility with the WPCC’s first initiative, the WPCC Accessibility Fellowship. This fellowship supports a WordPress contributor while they dedicate 5 to 10 hours a week to work on the Make WordPress Accessibility Team. This is an amazing win for accessibility in the WordPress community.

Communication can flourish in WPCC, a space where governance, leadership, and community are discussed! This may be the biggest “Oh!” for community members. There has been a constant disagreement in the community on how to properly address issues and also get clear and transparent answers. Having a place where everyone is welcomed, has easy access, and has transparency is a win. 

Getting involved

The WPCC has several ways to get involved. There is the donation method if you want to fund the program in general or support a specific initiative like the organizing fund or the fellowship fund. Companies can become corporate sponsors/partners as well.  There’s also a free route where people can become individual members and/or pledge.  Finally, there is a mailing list for those who want to stay in the know of what the WPCC is doing. 

I am very excited that there is an organization in the community such as the WPCC. The co-founders are wonderful people with a track record of showing they care about the WordPress community and its direction. This organization appears in my opinion to be a way of enriching the community even more and growing it in a safe and honest way. I cannot wait to see all their wonderful success. 

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Nyasha is the Editorial Director at MasterWP and a software developer at Howard Development & Consulting, the company behind WP Wallet.

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