Mastering the WordPress Database

February 21. Learn everything you need to know in order to confidently understand, edit, and use the WordPress database.

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Learn how to master the WordPress database

All text based content in WordPress is stored in a MySQL database. In this workshop, you'll take a look at each table in that database and discuss what’s in there, why it’s there, and how it’s stored. You'll also learn what is safe to edit and what really isn’t. While doing that, learn how MySQL itself stores data, from strings to integers to binary data, and how WordPress leverages those types. In the process you'll learn how to install phpMyAdmin in LocalWP and use it as a MySQL administration tool.

What You'll Learn

How to use phpMyAdmin in LocalWP so that you can use this powerful tool to manage the database rather than the built-in tool.

How to find data objects that are related to each other in the database so that you can get a complete picture of an entire piece of content.

How to change a password with phpMyAdmin in case you don’t have direct access to the WordPress admin.

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Meet Your Instructor

Topher DeRosia

Topher is a web developer and WordPress community member from Grand Rapids MI, where he lives with his wife Cate. Topher has been a web developer for nearly 30 years, and a WordPress developer for 13 years. He loves going to WordCamps and teaching other people how they can fall in love with web development as well.

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