Inflation-Proof Your Digital Agency

February 28. Learn how digital agency owners can plan in advance to ensure they both survive and thrive in our new economic environment.

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Learn How to Inflation-Proof Your Digital Agency

Your business made it through the "pandemic economy," but now the world is throwing a new set of challenges your way. The combination of high inflation, high interest rates and a potential economic recession introduces a whole new set of challenges for owners of digital agencies. In this workshop, we'll look at the potential for an economic storm in the next year. Will tech layoffs spread to more companies? Will our clients and customers cut back their budgets? And if so, how can digital agency owners plan in advance to ensure they both survive and thrive in our new economic environment? Join Rob Howard, the founder and CEO of HDC (the digital agency behind MasterWP), for an inside look at how you can reshape your agency to handle inflation, recession, and unpredictable economic challenges.

What You'll Learn

Economics for a New Generation

Most of us have no reference point for the type of economic changes that are happening now – it's not a repeat of the 2008 crisis. You'll learn how and why inflation, interest rates, the U.S. Dollar and other factors are affecting tech companies, ad revenues, and client spending.

Finding New Clients in Inflation-Resistant Industries

You'll learn how you can target new clients and diversify your accounts so you're not overly reliant on one company or industry, reducing your exposure to economic fallout.

Hiring, Management and Retention in Difficult Times

How to prepare your team for turbulence, how to manage through uncertainty, how to know if it's time to scale down, and how to build a resilient and thriving staff without the benefit of an economic tailwind at your back.

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Meet Your Instructor

We're the team behind MasterWP, Understrap and HDC, the digital agency that's leading the industry to a better future.

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Rob Howard

Rob is the CEO of HDC and the Publisher of MasterWP. Based in Denver, he brings 20+ years of full-stack development experience and an eye for design, publishing and communication to the MasterWP Workshops team. Rob is a graduate of Syracuse University. He's been featured in Wired, Entrepreneur, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek and TechCrunch, among many other major publications. His clients have included MIT, The World Bank, Marriott and The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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